Our Nurses

Lorraine Sienkiewicz BSc – Business Manager

Lorraine has always felt drawn to helping animals and understanding their behavior. As a teenager Lorraine wanted to become a Veterinarian but took another career path and completed a Bachelor of Science Education at Melbourne University.

After graduation Lorraine worked as a Mathematics/Science teacher for six years before becoming a mother. When her children were old enough Lorraine returned to work, but this time as a veterinary nurse at Pound Road Veterinary Clinic.

Lorraine feels that veterinary nursing is well suited to her background in science, especially zoology. Lorraine has been at Pound Road Veterinary Clinic for 20 years and still thoroughly enjoys her job. Lorraine is confident that she can appreciate the client-animal bond that is such a big part of her work, having experienced first-hand the grief of losing pets and the joy of loving them.

The current loves of her life, besides her human family and friends, are a Birman cat “Gypsy” and a cheeky Ragdoll cross kitten “Sir Lancelot”.


Samantha Cole-Surjan – Head Veterinary Nurse / Practise Manager

Samantha started Veterinary nursing when she was 15 and still in school. Samantha began working at Pound Road Veterinary Clinic in 2006. Samantha has always had a passion for animals and their well being and for as long as she can remember it was her dream to work with animals.

Samantha’s family lives with three very spoilt cats called ‘Merlin’ and ‘Meeko’ and her rescue Tokinese “CoCo”, a green cheeked conure called ‘Midori’ and 4 very spoilt Cavalier King Charles Spaniels called  ‘Marla’ and ‘Daisy’ (Dunsfold Belissimo) and ‘Wynta’ (Coloora Party Shoes) and ‘Willow’ (Daisibelle Wakefield Belle). ‘Marla’ is Sam’s beautiful little rescue Cavalier.

Samantha has a special interest in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and is a registered breeder with Dogs Victoria,’Daisy’ is Sam’s foundation girl for her Kennel ‘Daisibelle Cavaliers’, ‘Wynta’ her very first show dog and ‘Willow’ is her first homebred show dog.

Sam  started showing Cavaliers in 2013, ‘Wynta’ and ‘Willow’ and Sam have been on an adventure together, we have had some wins, but most of all we enjoy our time together at shows with like minded people.

Samantha has always believed in giving clients and their pets good old fashioned customer service.

Angella Clarkson – Veterinary Nurse/Groomer

Angella has been working at the Pound Road Veterinary Clinic since 2004. Prior to becoming a Veterinary Nurse, Angella completed a Diploma in Natural Resource Management (Park Ranger), and volunteered at many wildlife parks and animal shelters. Angella has also been a wildlife carer for over 12years, giving up to have children.

Angella has two beautiful daughter’s Madeline and Charlotte. Angella’s own pets include ‘Pippin’ a beautiful Sheltie who you may have met at the clinic, and a cat called ‘Pringles’. Angella rescued two Isa Brown battery hens, ‘Choc’ & ‘Chip’, this triggered an interest and she now has ‘Denerys’ the chicken and two Muscovy’s ducks named ‘Yogi’ & ‘Creme’.

Whilst working at the Pound road Veterinary Clinic, Angella took an interest in Dog grooming. She would often help the dog groomer out by pre-clipping, bathing and drying the dogs. She began learning and practising over a few years, and eventually became the resident groomer. Angella is available to pamper your pussy cat and pooch on Friday’s and Saturday’s.


Michelle McGann CVN – Veterinary Nurse

Michelle McGann graduated in 2014 as a Certified IV Veterinary Nurse.
Michelle has 3 cats,  ‘Squirt’, ‘Macey’ and ‘Riley’, 1 dog named ‘Marty’ and a rabbit named ‘Smokey’. Each of them dearly loved and spoilt.

Michelle  is a supporter of G.A.P. (Greyhound Adoption Program ). Greyhounds make fantastic pets and anyone who is looking to adopt a dog should look here and go to the GAP link. Greyhounds or “couch potatoes” make the best pets!!

**Unfortunately recent media has shone an undesirable light onto the racing industry, I personally do not support the inhumane treatment of animals such as that recently reported. However it is not the fault of Greyhounds and due to the public outcry, adoption rates have dropped. Please continue to support the adoption process of these beautiful dogs, seeking loving homes where they can live their lives free from racing, thriving in a loving environment.

Michelle traveled to Botswana, South Africa with her cousin & fellow nurse Sam to volunteer at Legodimo Wilderness for conservation in 2011, an experience she will never forget.

MM Cats


Kerry Deeker CVN – Veterinary Nurse


Kerry left the corporate world in 2013 to study Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing which she successfully completed 2015.  She joined Pound Road Veterinary Clinic in 2014 and loves her new career working as a vet nurse.

Kerry has a special love for Shelties and currently shares her home with 2, Blaze and Maisie.  Kerry also has an interest in birds and has 3 aviaries with canaries and gouldian finches.  Kerry also has 2 very spoilt ragdolls named “Coco” and “Casper”.

Kerry’s other passion is fine needlework and she particularly enjoys very intricate Jacobean embroidery.

Neisi Rissotto – Veterinary Nurse


Currently on Maternity Leave

Melissa Thomas CVN – Veterinary Nurse


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a huge love for animals, which has lead me to my career in Veterinary Nursing.

I have just completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at the Australian College of Applied Animal Studies and will graduate in December 2019.

I am so thankful to work alongside such a wonderful team and when I’m not working, you will find me relaxing in front of the heater during winter and 9/10 at the beach in summer!

Though when I’m at home you’ll catch me hanging out with all my adorable furry friends, whom include 2 cats, 2 rabbits & 2 dogs.

    IMG_2874 Mels Animals

Dianna Bate – Trainee Veterinary Nurse

IMG_2980 Dianna

Dianna began her studies in cert 4 vet nursing last year after leaving her career working as a chef for almost 10 years. It was always Dianna’s goal to pursue a career in animal care and welfare, as she had grown up surrounded by all kinds of animals ever since she was small and has always found helping animals to be very rewarding. She currently shares her home with 4 cats, a rabbit and 2 chickens.


Dianna has a strong interest in wildlife care and rehabilitation, and in her spare time does volunteer work with a number of local rescue groups and organisations, as well as assisting in Eastern Quoll and Tasmanian Devil breeding programs for reintroduction to the wild in Tasmania earlier this year at Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary.